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The minivan of ALL minivans is here at Carousel Nissan, Iowa City!

Here’s a few photos from the 2011 Nissan Quest that has arrived on our lot!

This last December, Car and Driver Magazine did their First Drive Review of the Nissan Quest and we are ecstatic that they noted the many “cool” features this minivan offers! They noted the sleek styling of the roof and grille that transformed the look of the 2011 model. Steve Siler states in the article, “We’ll go on record as stating that we like it—for the most part—when cars cause controversy with their styling, especially when they are minivans.” They also picked up on the ultra-comfortable first and second row captain chair seating and roomy 3rd row. As for how it drives, Steve Siler is quoted, “The Quest’s rock-solid new structure yields a wonderfully boom-free cabin as well as reasonably tidy handling, and the electrohydraulic speed-sensitive steering has positive on-center feel with a natural buildup in effort as one turns the wheel. Smooth transitions are easy in the Quest, and that’s not something we can say about every family box out there.” And lastly, our favorite line in the entire article, Mr. Siler closes the article with, “Of all the 2011 minivan offerings, it is arguably the coolest—or at least the most bold—and coolness is a quality not often found in this segment.”

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In the Spirit of Giving

The Iowa City Crisis Center is an amazing organization when it comes to giving back to their community. Their Food Bank program distributes about 3000 bags a month which feeds about 4000 people per month at a cost of $6 per bag. They do not turn anyone down who comes in and signs up for food. We wanted to help with this  opportunity to help our community as well. We gathered a $2,000 donation, which The Iowa City Crisis Center said would feed ALL of their families for almost a week. We were glad to help, but it really made us think we need to work harder to collect more money for next year to feed more families for longer. The Iowa City Crisis Center informed us a lot of the food is donated, so they take cash contributions to buy things like proteins. For more information about how you can get involved with The Iowa City Crisis Center, please visit their website.


Another charity that we decided to work with this holiday season, was Waypoint in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Waypoint strengthens and empowers women and families in their life’s journey by providing advocacy, crisis intervention, supportive services, shelter, quality child care, and community leadership. Again, we are impressed by the amount of good they do in our community and wanted to thank them for their efforts with a donation of $2,000. Learn more about this fabulous organization and how you can help by visiting their website.