Carousel Nissan’s Best Vehicle Maintenance Tips

At Carousel Nissan, your premier Nissan dealership in Iowa City, IA, it is our hope that your newly prized vehicle stays running well and with you for as long as you wish. To keep your car running as well as it did when you first bought it, receiving routine maintenance and auto service is crucial. Regularly checking your vehicle’s primary parts such as the engine oil, lights, and tires will not only prolong your car’s life, but also uphold top performance overtime.

We understand that in the midst of your busy daily life, taking the time for vehicle maintenance can quickly be forgotten and overlooked. For this reason, Carousel Nissan has provided you with some of our best and most important vehicle maintenance tips to help keep your car running well and on the road longer.


Engine Oil Checks

Your car engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle; which is why replacing the motor oil regularly is imperative. The motor oil serves many functions; it lubricates the car engine, prevents dirt buildup, and helps keep the internal parts from wearing too quickly. Therefore, engine oil checks are crucial and should be done at least once a month.

The good news is, checking your engine oil is easy. All you need to do is check both sides of the dipstick located in the hood of the car. Ideally, the oil should be a black or brown color and be within the marked region on the dipstick. If this is the case, your car’s engine oil is good to go, and you do not have to check again until the following month.

Light Checks

A car without functioning lights is dangerous, which is why the experts at the Carousel Nissan service center recommend regularly checking your lights to confirm they are all working as they should be. Assuming your car lights are working can lead to a hefty ticket for a mechanical violation. Avoid being pulled over by an officer by getting your car lights checked regularly.

Getting your lights checked regularly allows you to fix dysfunctional bulbs in due time before you face any problems with the law. Also, it will make your driving experience safer with full visibility. Be sure to set a reminder on your calendar to check your car lights every month.

Tire Checks

While you are checking your engine oil and lights, it is also smart to look at the condition of your vehicle’s tires. Check for any deep cuts and damage on the tread of the tires. At Carousel Nissan, we recommend using the quarter test as a clear way to know when to replace your tires. Simply put a quarter in the tread groove to see how much of the coin is covered by the tread. If the tread covers the top of Washington’s head, your tires are still in good condition.

Also, your tire pressure is extremely important. Make it a habit to check and refill your tires once a month, as driving with underinflated tires is very dangerous, not to mention, bad for your car’s fuel economy.

Give Your Ride the VIP Treatment – Carousel Nissan is Here to Help

Just as humans need love and support, so does your car. Taking the time to care for your car makes a huge difference in your car’s performance, longevity, and stability. Carousel Nissan encourages you to schedule a service appointment or stop by our service center located at 817 Highway 1 West Iowa City, IA 52246 to let us assist you in keeping your vehicle in top-notch condition this spring. Be sure to take advantage of our money-saving parts and service specials on your next visit. If you have any questions about car maintenance, we would love to help. Feel free to call us at (319)-337-5000 or visit our service center at your convenience.


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