The 2013 Nissan Frontier is Top Pick in Midsize Pickup Segment Only at Carousel Nissan of Iowa City

If you’re thinking of downsizing from a full-size pickup to a midsize, the 2013 Nissan Frontier is your top pick. Even better is Nissan reduced the price this year on the 2013 Frontier and gave it a fuel economy upgrade and if you’re thinking midsize trucks are too wimpy, the 2013 Nissan Frontier will have you rethinking that notion.

“The 2013 Nissan Frontier is a top pick in the midsize pickup segment thanks to its brawny nature, relatively nimble handling and innovative features.  – Edmunds

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.16.20 AM

As for its brawniness, the 2013 Nissan Frontier features an aggressive V-6 engine offering 261 hp and rivals the power of the full-size V-8s while having much better fuel economy thanks to some subtle engine and aerodynamic improvements allowing it to improve one to two mpg from last year’s model. One of the main reasons customers choose midsize trucks is for the improved fuel economy usually willing to sacrifice a significant amount of power to do so. It’s nice to know such sacrifices need not be made with the 2013 Nissan Frontier.

Nissan has long been known as one of the most innovative car companies out there. So, it should should come as no shock that 2013 Nissan Frontier has received some new technological upgrades that have us smiling. Highlighting those new features are the backup camera and sonar parking assist. Also included in the base S-Model is the Bluetooth Hands-Free System. Kelley Blue Book had this to say:

“The Frontier makes a great alternative to a full-size truck. It is ideal for hauling everything from mulch to motorbikes, and feels solid on road or off. With a stronger V6 engine than the Tacoma and features like a navigation/infotainment system, spray-on bedliner and Nissan’s Utili-track tie-down system, the 2013 Frontier remains one of the finest mid-size trucks we’ve seen in recent years.”

If you’re finally ready for a midsize truck that doesn’t sacrifice power, get into Carousel Nissan of Iowa City where prices have been reduced on the 2013 Nissan Frontier.

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