Nissan College Graduate Program, $500 cash back and more!!

At  Nissan, we understand that purchasing or leasing a vehicle is a significant decision. To help you make the best financial choices, we’ve created a free guide entitled Understanding Car Financing.

Are you a Recent College Graduate?

Your achievement deserves credit. SignatureGRADUATE® offers a finance choice customized for recent graduates.[*] Make that next big step with exclusive purchase and lease plans featuring special APR and lease terms when you purchase or lease with Nissan financing. You’ll enjoy:

  • $500 Cash Back[*] on the purchase or lease of a new 2011/2012 Rogue, 2011/2012 Xterra, 2011/2012 Cube, 2012 Altima Sedan/Coupe, 2011/2012 Versa Hatch, 2012 Versa Sedan (Excludes S trims), 2012 Sentra (Includes Spec V and SE-R), 2011/2012 Juke, and 2012 Frontier.
  • 90-day deferred payment option[*] (Available on loans up to 60 months. Deferred interest added to principal balance and payable over the remaining term. Availability may vary by state.)
  • Purchase and lease plans on all new Nissan vehicles.
  • Purchase plans on pre-owned Nissans less than five years old.

To qualify for the SignatureGRADUATE® program, all you have to do is provide proof of:

  • Graduation with the next six months, or past two years, from an accredited U.S. two- or four-year university, college, graduate school, or nursing school. Also eligible: students currently enrolled in graduate school.
  • Present employment, or future employment beginning within 90 days of financing approval.
  • Sufficient income to cover normal living expenses and car payments.
  • Auto Insurance.
  • Approval credit.

Once you complete an application at a Nissan Dealer, you should receive a decision within an hour. After that, you’re on your way toward driving a Nissan.

Learn more about the SignatureGRADUATE® program. And be sure to see us at Carousel Nissan for complete details.

Enter your information at the bottom of this page to find out more about the Nissan College Grad program and the complimentary benefits of purchasing a new vehicle.

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