Build your 2013 Altima Now Online, Visit Carousel Nissan, and Get Your First 3 Years of Maintenance Free!


Build your Altima your way, and become one of the very first owners of the most innovative Altima ever. When you Pre-Order you receive a complimentary 3-year/45,000-mile Security+Plus® Gold Prepaid Maintenance Plan with a value of $700.*

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Build your Altima online
  2. Register online, select Carousel Nissan, and put down your completely refundable $49 reservation fee
  3. Go to Carousel Nissan to finalize your order and, if necessary, discuss your trade-in and financial options.

What does the maintenance offer include?

The Security+Plus® Gold Prepaid Maintenance Plan covers all factory-recommended maintenance during the first 3 years/45,000 miles with 6-month/7,500-mile service intervals.

This plan, a $700 value, includes:

  • – Up to 6 engine oil & filter changes
  • – Up to 6 tire rotations
  • – Up to 5 replacements, including:
    •   – In-Cabin microfilter up to three times
    •   – Engine air filter
    •   – Brake fluid
  • – Up to 11 inspections, including:
    •   – CVT fluid
    •   – Axle & suspension parts
    •   – Brake lines & cables & brake pads
    •   – Rotors, drums and & linings
    •   – Drive shaft boots
    •   – Exhaust system
    •   – Front suspension ball joints
    •   – Fuel line and connections
    •   – Fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
    •   – Steering gear and linkage
    •   – Steering linkage ball joints
  • – Tire Road Hazard Protection (not available in FL)
  • – Car Rental Allowance (one-day rental up to $35 during the 30,000-mile service)

Disclaimer:*Excludes 2013 Altima 2.5 Base model. Complimentary Security+Plus® Gold Schedule 2 Prepaid Maintenance plan for 36 months/45,000 miles (whichever comes first) on pre-orders confirmed before 7/9/2012, or on the first 25,000 confirmed orders (whichever comes first). Requires a $49 refundable reservation fee prior to 6/25/2012 (see details at, and the pre-order separately confirmed with a dealer prior to 7/9/2012. Must take delivery before 10/31/2012. Offer cannot be combined with fleet incentives. Maintenance plan coverage begins on the original in-service date and at zero miles on odometer. $700 value based on the cumulative average retail cost of maintenance services, Car Rental Allowance and Tire Road Hazard Protection. Car Rental Allowance pays for a one-day rental up to $35 during the 30,000-mile service. Tire Road Hazard Protection is not available in Florida, reducing total value to $600. See dealer for coverage terms and details.

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