A Leaf that recently landed in Carousel Nissan is truly one of a kind 100% electric vehicle.

“I’ve had a lot of fun driving it and customers who see it have just been buzzing about it,” said sales manager Paul Trovas. “Like all Nissans, it’s extremely well-engineered and built. Of course, the Leaf is also like no other car on the market because it’s 100-percent electric, has room for five, can reach speeds up to 90 miles an hour, has zero tailpipe emissions and its net price after tax savings is as low as $27,700. And, it’s incredibly quiet.”

Interest in all-electric cars has grown among American motorists as gas prices have crept higher and higher. The national average for a gallon of gasoline this week is $3.90, speculation continues that it could reach $5 a gallon later this year.

“The Leaf is ideal for in town commuters, as access to a charger is close by and the fact that it recharges itself when braking lends itself well to stop and go traffic.”, Trovas said.
Take our Leaf out for a test spin at Carousel Nissan today. You can speak with a Brand Specialist to find out how to be driving your own fully electric car in the near future!

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