Nissan develops self healing iPhone skin

Photo provided by Nissan

Nissan is developing a self-healing iPhone skin using their own paint technology known as Scratch Shield.

Nissan has been the pioneer in this revolutionary paint technology and they have been using it since 2005 on several of their cars including Infiniti car models. The technology used on this iPhone case, a lightweight ABS plastic, is the result of the collaborative efforts between the University of Tokyo and Advanced Soft Materials INC. It consists of an “outer paint” made from polyrotaxane. If there is damage to the coating, the chemical structure of this substance reacts so that the affected place goes back to its original condition. The ‘fine gap’ created by the scratch is filled. In the words of Nissan, “the blemish is healed” by this technology.

It was in Dubai that Nissan launched this case. But, the company decided to do soft-launching of this product and they wanted customers and journalists to beta test the product. Once they find feedback is satisfactory and there is a demand for the product, they are planning to mass-produce the smart phone cases by end of the year.

At Carousel Nissan, we are excited to follow the innovative ideas that only come out of a great manufacturer like Nissan. We’ll keep you posted as this concept progresses!

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