Siri, the new iPhone’s personal assistant feature, works slick in Nissans equipped with bluetooth.

Apple’s new iPhone 4GS  features personal assistant technology they’ve named “Siri”. Siri can do a number of commands prompted by your voice, such as, texting, emailing, giving directions, calendar scheduling, reminders, and so much more. It’s currently in a beta testing phase, with a few glitches, but overall, she’s gained quite the buzz and a large fan base.

When tested with Bluetooth technology found in most Nissan’s, Siri works perfectly. Imagine telling your car (or phone) to set up appointments, remind you of appointments, and text while driving – all hands free. Your car (coupled with your phone), is your new personal assistant. As if driving a Nissan wasn’t a joy already!

See Siri being used on a Nissan Maxima:

Where is this technology going? Hackers have already figured out how to use Siri and Bluetooth to lock and unlock car doors, open trunks, and even start or stop the vehicle. We believe soon the technology will go that direction and further.

Test drive a Nissan with Bluetooth technology today at Carousel Nissan.

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