Service Specials: SQUEAKY BRAKES??? Complimentary Brake Inspection on Your Nissan

As we have been in the spring rain season we seem to get the complaint, “my brakes squeak” here at the service center. In a lot of cases this is a very normal condition. Most noises come from brake dust and moisture. Most of the time this occurs after a vehicle has sat overnight. Humidity and rain play a factor in these conditions which will cause a “film” of rust on the brake rotors. In most cases, the noise will dissipate after normal driving stops. In some cases, the vehicles have “high performance” brakes on the vehicle and require firm braking stops rather than gradual light braking to keep these noises from occurring. These types of brakes are on most Nissan high performance vehicles. Depending on the composite of brake material some noises may occur and may be considered as normal noises.

If the noise is continual and does not disappear in normal driving, brakes may need to be inspected. Please call or schedule online to get your Nissan in for a COMPLIMENTARY BRAKE INSPECTION.

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