Increase your fuel economy up to 50% with these simple tips!

Vera Gibbons, Financial Analyst, was featured on NBC’s Today Show talking about tips on saving at the pump. We’ll recap some of those for you here. Carousel Service Experts agree that all statements will provide a measurable difference at the pump.

  • Proper inflation of your tires can save on gas mileage up to 3%.
  • Changing dirty air filters can improve gas efficiency up to 10%.
  • Taking care of major maintenance can make up to a 40% difference on mileage.
  • Lose the weight! Getting rid of extra or unnecessary baggage in your car will save you up to 2%.
  • Don’t idle for more than 10 seconds. Idling for more than 10 minutes a day uses 22 gallons of gas a year! Carousel Service Experts suggest grabbing the first parking spot you see instead of driving around parking lots or waiting for a space. If you have to walk a little, you’ll burn a few extra calories while also decreasing your carbon footprint and saving at the pump!
  • Smart phone apps are also a handy way to keep track of where you gas is going, Vera Gibbons suggested and
  • Apply for a credit card that offers rebates or savings on gas.

View the full clip from the Today show:

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Lastly, if you think it’s time for a more fuel efficient vehicle, talk to a Carousel Brand Specialist to discuss your options!

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