Gas Saving Tips from your Friends at Carousel Nissan

As gas prices rise, it helps to follow these best practices for optimum gas mileage:

  1. PROPERLY INFLATED TIRES can reduce fuel consumption by 3%. Check your tires once a month at minimum and be sure to set them based on the manufactures recommended PSI levels (usually located in the drivers front door jamb).
  2. TUNING UP YOUR ENGINE will maximize power and substantially enhance fuel efficiency.
  3. CHANGING YOUR AIR FILTER will increase fuel economy and prevent the vehicle from stalling at idle.
  4. USING SYNTHETIC OIL can save an average of 5% gas. If you can’t use synthetic oil, use the lightest weight possible such as 5w30.
  5. AVOIDING EXCESSIVE IDLING as this wastes a significant amount of fuel. A good rule of thumb is to take the first parking spot you see rather than waiting (and idling) for something closer.
  6. SELECTING LOW-ROLLING-RESISTANCE COMPOUND TIRES can increase fuel economy by a few percent. Be sure not to substitute these for proper tire inflation.

These small tips can add up to a lot of savings at the fuel pump. Paul Trovas, General Sales Manager of Carousel Nissan, likes to use a fuel optimizer program to help clients figure the difference in driving their gas hog verses a newer, gas efficient vehicle. He pulls figures based on an SUV or Truck averaging 15 mpg and shares, “If you purchased one of our vehicles that averages 30 mpg, like the Versa, Sentra, or Altima, and you drive an average of 15,000 miles a year and gas prices are $3.40 per gallon, you would save $153 a month by switching vehicles. If you take advantage of the incredible buying incentives happening now, you may also be lowering your monthly car payment. Combined with the gas savings, you could be decreasing your monthly expenses by a considerable amount.”

Our Spring Service Special will cover most of the above mentioned items to keep your vehicle running efficiently:

Lube/oil/filter change
Pollen Filter
HVAC Service
Tire Rotation
Brake Inspection
27pt. Safety Inspection
Exterior Car Wash

All for only $159.99*

(Total does not include tax and disposal fees. Oil change includes up to 5qts of Mobil Oil. Synthetic Oil and Ester Oil are available for an additional charge. Prices on pollen filters vary between models. Not valid with any other offers or coupons.)

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